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johannesburg activities
johannesburg activities
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johannesburg activities
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Johannesburg Club Guide:
Johannesburg entertainment and nightlife has something special that will appeal to everyone’s taste. Maybe it’s the diverse selection of places to choose from, which range from top class international venues, to settings with a typically warm and local flavour. Some may say it’s the mix of interesting personalities and attractive qualities of the people you will meet. Whatever the case, Johannesburg has a vibe and an energy that will have you partying the night away, sipping cocktails overlooking the sparkling sea or just relaxing, ‘chilling out’, and enjoying the city’s unique atmosphere.

This Club Guide is not strictly devoted to Johannesburg night club venues but rather offers you a range of Johannesburg clubs, cocktail bars and lounges to choose from. This club guide has been designed to inspire Johannesburg locals to experience a greater variety of nightlife venues and for visitors it’s an informative guide to what Johannesburg entertainment and nightlife have to offer.
Johannesburg Entertainment Guide:
Johannesburg Night Clubs Johannesburg Night Clubs:
Johannesburg has numerous clubs which are excellent for dancing, drinking and socialising. The party atmosphere is great throughout the year but summer time is when things really liven up, with festive club atmospheres almost every night of the week. There are a host of clubs with different types of décor, people and music styles offering you a flavoursome nightlife experience in Johannesburg.
Johannesburg Cocktails Johannesburg Cocktails:
Johannesburg has a great selection of world class cocktail bars. They rate right up there with the best cocktail bars in the world, due to their beautiful, scenic locations. From the juicy and fruity flavours of a Sex on the Beach in a Cocktail Bar to the style and sophistication of Martini's in central Johannesburg, there are a host of traditional & unique cocktail blends for you to sample.
Johannesburg Bars and Lounges Johannesburg Bars and Lounges:
Johannesburg has a great selection of bars & lounges which range from warm and relaxed beer taverns to more sophisticated and contemporary whiskey bars. Like Johannesburg night clubs, there are many types of bars and lounges so you can be certain that you will find one that has an atmosphere that you can feel comfortable in. The lounge environment is great for socialising and meeting people, or even as a starting point for a big night out. Many bars and lounges are fairly relaxed in the early evening but the party atmosphere sets in later, giving them a lively and entertaining buzz.
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johannesburg activities
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Johannesburg Entertainment | Joburg, Gauteng Nightlife | Gauteng Club and Nightlife Guide South Africa | Entertainment in Johannesburg, Gauteng

johannesburg events johannesburg events