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Wedding Services:
Bridal Wear - find shoes, dresses and accessories
Cakes - get that perfect wedding cake, traditional or unique
Caterers - organise your canapes, food and bar catering
Decor - all decor ranging from chairs to lighting
Flowers - colours can contribute to the theme of your wedding
Hair & Makeup - look great on your special day
Health & Beauty - pamper yourself, you deserve it
Hen/Stag Parties - organise your hen or stag party
Honeymoons - find a special venue for your honeymoon
Invitations - impress your guests with great invitations
Jewellers - need some help picking the perfect rings
Music - experienced dj's or musicans make for a great event
Photographers - make sure that your images look professional
Venues - find the ideal location for your wedding day
Videographers - capture your wedding on video
Wedding Planners - specialised help to organise your wedding
Johannesburg Wedding Guide:

Planning and organising a wedding is an enormous task. Having made the very important decision to have the wedding in the Cape you have taken the first step to making this a very special day. This wedding guide is here to help you navigate through the wedding planning checklist.

Our easy to navigate wedding guide puts everything you need in easy, clutter free sections helping you in this very important planning process.

Johannesburg Wedding Guide | Bridal Wear

There are numerous options when it comes to wedding dresses, shoes and accessories. Looking your best and finding your dream wedding dress will involve some very important wardrobe decisions. To help you in this process why not give yourself some direction. You may have your heart set on a certain style but after some excellent consultation and professional advice from designers you can find inspiration for what works best for your bridal wear.
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Johannesburg Wedding Guide | Cakes

Whether it’s a traditional wedding cake design or an individual wedding cake design allow your decision to reflect the bride and grooms personalities. Cake design allows for a traditional approach or a cake with additional flare, the decision is yours. Match the beading, lace or embroidery pattern on your dress to the wedding cake, add fresh flowers to represent Spring time or your decision to have an outdoor wedding. Find your wedding cake caterer early to allow time for your creation to take form.
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Johannesburg Wedding Guide | Caterers

You want to have the freedom to relax and enjoy your day without worrying about the logistics of the food and drinks. With the professional services of experienced caterers there is help at hand to ensure your guests are well looked after. From canapés and stylish snacks to planning the dinner menu ensure you have all the culinary delights looked after well before the day. Equally important is the planning decisions regarding the bar and drinks. For unforgettable wedding catering services, find a wedding caterer that understands your taste.
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Johannesburg Wedding Guide | Decor and Hiring

Once your have decided on your wedding venue and wedding decor there are many hiring options that will help you make your dream wedding a reality. From tents and marquees to candles and car hire you have a wide selection available to you. Whatever your wedding needs there is a wedding hiring company that will be able to help you out. If you are planning a wedding be sure to have a look through your different wedding hire options.
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Johannesburg Wedding Guide | Flowers

Flowers are an important visual feature of a wedding. They bring fresh colour, life, and aroma. They help make table settings more beautiful, and can transform a formerly dull space into a beautiful personality filled one. The decision to have flowers at your wedding is an easy one, selection the right ones takes time and requires careful planning. It can be confusing for a beginner, and dent the budget for many, so find a florist early and discuss the wedding flower arrangements well in advance.
There are crucial decisions to make and a florist will be able to provide advice on many things you may not think about, like what is flowering at the time of your wedding.
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Johannesburg Wedding Guide | Hair & Makeup

Hair and makeup specialists can help you prepare at your wedding location. Their services for brides and their wedding parties help ensure you are looking your best on the day. Stylists go the extra mile to make the bride, bridesmaids and bridal party look amazing, and feel beautiful and magical. Consult a makeup and hair stylist for an experienced eye for wedding makeup and hair.
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Johannesburg Wedding Guide | Health & Beauty

With so much to plan in the time leading up to the wedding things can be a bit stressful. Even with everything running perfectly it is great to pamper yourself before the big day. Look and feel your best, have a relaxing massage and beauty treatment. Get that golden tan so you look your best in your carefully selected wedding gown. What is important is that you give yourself some quality down time to concentrate on your health & beauty leaving yourself refreshed and energised for the very exciting wedding day.
More info about Wedding Health & Beauty

Johannesburg Wedding Guide | Hen/Stag Parties

Hen and Stag parties are one of the most long standing wedding traditions. They offer you the opportunity to celebrate the upcoming wedding in an informal setting and a chance to get rid of any nerves and cut loose. There are many different approaches to these events that don’t all necessarily have to involve entertaining strippers and drinking till sunrise. Don't get us wrong you can opt for the traditional approach but before you plan your night why not have a look at some of our modern alternatives which are sure to create just as many memories and laughs.
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Johannesburg Wedding Guide | Honeymoons

It is often essential to book many months, if not a year in advance so don’t delay in your decision making. The Cape has wonderful wedding honeymoon settings for you to choose from.
Choosing the honeymoon venue can be a difficult decision when planning your wedding; perhaps because there are some things that you know you want from the outset, either from personal preference or because you want it to be something special. To help you with this process this guide will help you find your perfect wedding honeymoon venue.
More info about Wedding Honeymoons

Johannesburg Wedding Guide | Invitations

Weddings are the coming together of friends and family to celebrate a very important day for the bride and groom. The invitation to the wedding is where the wedding build-up starts for your friends and family, so getting it right is very important. To help you out you have the design services of numerous businesses that can help create an invite that will reflect your wedding theme and communicate the essential details. Wedding invitation services can handle design, printing and distribution or just the parts you require. Something to remember is that you should always get a proof (a sample print) of your wedding invitations before giving the go ahead to have the whole lot printed. Proof your sample very carefully to ensure there are no printing errors and that all the essential invitation details are correct.
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Johannesburg Wedding Guide | Jewellers

After the perfect dress the next most important accessory you need is wedding jewellery. It’s important to find something to complement your wedding dress, to give some extra shine and glamour to your day. On such an important day every little detail matters and shopping for the right jewellery is made easier when you have great jewellers to choose from.  Purchase existing designs or create a wonderful one of a kind piece of jewellery to complement your wedding day.
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Johannesburg Wedding Guide | Music

The music you choose for your wedding is such a crucial decision. There are music decisions regarding the actual wedding ceremony, post wedding ceremony and for the wedding reception. To mark the occasion celebration goes hand in hand with great music. There needs to be a balance of soft dinner music and dance floor fillers. You know what music you like and what your friends and family like to listen to and dance to. It’s vital that the musician you choose understands your music tastes. Don’t assume everything will be fine, think about the music and what will make this a great celebration on the day. To help you there are many experienced and knowledgeable musicians to guide you through this process. Take the time to plan your music with them to ensure you pack the dance floor all night long.
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Johannesburg Wedding Guide | Photographers

Selecting a wedding photographer isn’t like selecting outfits and bridal bouquets as you can’t see the final product until after the wedding. Your decision will be largely based on previous work that a photographer has done. Take the opportunity to browse through different photographers and find a style that you are certain will capture the wedding in the best possible way. There are no second chances so choose wisely. To start off build a list of several wedding photographers then request to review his or her portfolio. Photographers are happy to consult with you and show off their recent work.
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Johannesburg Wedding Guide | Venues

Almost all planning decisions revolve around the wedding and reception venue so this should be first on your list. It is often essential to book many months, if not a year in advance so don’t delay in your decision making. The Cape has wonderful wedding settings for you to choose from. Whether it’s outdoors or indoors there is a Johannesburg location for your wedding day. Choosing the venue can be the most difficult decision about planning your wedding; perhaps because there are some things that you know you want from the outset, either from personal preference or because of things you have thought were particularly good at other weddings you have been to. To help you with this process this guide will help you find your perfect wedding venue, whether for the reception, the ceremony or both.
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Johannesburg Wedding Guide | Videographers

Wedding videographers allow you and your guests to reflect on the wedding experience after the event. They creatively reproduce the sound and motion of the wedding. Selecting the right professional wedding videographer will help ensure that the first day in the life of a new family can be shared with their loved ones forever. As with a photographer a videographer will have their own unique style of capturing and editing the final product. Organise a consultation to find a videographer to capture the wedding in a way that you want to remember and celebrate it forever.
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Johannesburg Wedding Guide | Wedding Planners

Many couples who are getting married hire a wedding planner to handle all the details. Planning can get chaotic and handing these tasks over to a professional is quite liberating. Weddings are about details and the wedding planner is there to make sure everything is just the way you want it. After consultation they can work within your budget and plan your dream wedding. It can be quite overwhelming trying to work out what to do first and how far in advance things should be handled. Tap into the experience of someone who has done this many times before. The planner knows the proper sequence of events and how they should be handled.
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Johannesburg Wedding | Joburg, Gauteng Wedding Guide | Gauteng Wedding Cakes, Wedding Photographers and Wedding Planners Guide in Joburg

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